The most innovative tiedown products on the planet


From tiedowns and bungees to hardware and accessories, SmartStraps are an innovative and smart way to tow another vehicle or secure almost any size load.

And by innovative, we don’t mean bright colors, an overabundance of lengths, or flashy eye-catching materials. We take innovation to the heart of the product. We dig into the nitty-gritty to create products with functional common-sense benefits that truly satisfy our customers’ needs. That’s why SmartStraps has more patented and proprietary products than any other company in the market. Our designs and extra strength webbing make our products easy to use and ensure the safety of your cargo.

We believe in continuous improvement. We guarantee our products are the best and we intend to keep it that way. So stay tuned, because SmartStraps will be introducing more innovative tiedown products soon!!

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